Allianz Endurance 15 Annuity

by Arline Seavey

Fixed deferred annuity based on S&P will pay out in 10 years. It is reviewed annually to change index or not. Sellers commission is paid by company. How does Allianz rate against other companies for this product or is it too new to rate?

I have some time to withdraw. I just bought today.

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Apr 19, 2009
I heard Allianz is a good company
by: Tony


I am currently looking at getting universal life or an annuity. So far, it seems that an annuity has better advantages for me.

In reading this thread I see that Arline said she already bought the Allianz plan and was wondering how it rated against other companies.

I see that you seem to sneer at that plan but did not offer any information, only a generalized complaint. - All companies have to make money. That is understood. The point is that we get a good deal from a good company that will take care of us, watch our investment, etc.

Is something wrong with the Allianz plan?

Apr 14, 2009
Endurance 15?
by: Dave

How "Ron" knew he would have recomended to Arline the Allianz plan is anyone's guess. Arline offered limited information.
Endurance 15. Buyer beware when it comes to index annuities. The insurance companies have made the commissions so high on most index annuities compared to other types of annuities that it skews some insurance agent's recomendations.

Mar 24, 2009
Comment from Annuities Advisor
by: Annuities-Financial-Planning


You are in good hands. This is what one of our top annuities advisor said:

Allianz is the very best company for that kind of product. It is the one I would have recommended.


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