Annuities Provide Safe and Stable Income for Retirement

by David C.
(New York, NY)

If investments were eligible bachelors, then tech stocks would be like the 40-year old bachelor who drives a red sports car, lives in a flashy condo, and wines and dines women until he gets what he wants, and then dumps them for the next lady. Fast, sexy, exciting, but ultimately dangerous and a bad idea.

Annuities, in contrast, is the like the quiet 30-year old who proposes to his long time girlfriend, marries her, has a few kids and then they live happily ever after. Safe, predictable, and secure.

In investments, boring is good. Safe, secure, dependable, reliable, and predictable are all good. Annuities provide you with these features. Your investment today results in a steady, set stream of income in the future on which you can rely and depend in your senior years.

Stocks, in contrast, as many investors painfully learned again in the stock market crash of 2008 and 2009, are here today, gone tomorrow. Many stock investors suffered losses of up to 90 percent between 2007 and 2009! A 90 percent loss can not be made up in one's own lifetime.

Annuities should be a core part of any retirement portfolio for their many benefits of providing a firm and reliable foundation for a secure retirement.

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