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Annuity Insurance 

Annuity Insurance can mean different things to different people, so let's analyze what some of these area:

First, and foremost, if you own an annuity, you do not need to get your own insurance on that annuity (in case the thought crossed your mind). Your annuity is backed and guaranteed by an insurance company. So it is already insured.

Furthermore, the issuing insurance company provides a contract with clear terms based on the type of annuity that you obtained.

Whether you have a variable annuity, fixed annuity, equity-indexed annuity, etc., you have certain guarantees and rights provided by the issuing company.

The insurance company will invest your money, and how and what they do with it, is their business (though you do have some say-so on different types of annuities such as variable annuities). The main point is that the insurance company makes certain guarantees and puts that in writing.

The annuity ratings of your issue company determine their ability to pay you when the time comes. - A strong insurance company has significant consumers and high revenue coming in on a regular basis so you can feel more safe and comfortable on being paid when your annuity is due

Also note that insurance companies are in turn, insured themselves by re-insurers. Thus the risk is spread around, which provides you with a better security that you will receive your income as per the contract.

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