Boosting Sales Will Boost Economy

by Tony Durso

Why Sales?

This information is for everyone, not only for sales trainers to help in salesman training:

You need to understand that you are the most vital person in the world. Yes, you. You: The salesman or saleswoman, the office worker, the cashier, the accountant, the manager, etc. Without you, the world stops.

Here is an excerpt from my latest book which lays it out:

To illustrate the role that sales plays in our lives, let’s imagine that we are in a rural town back in simpler times. This town is some miles from a port city. The farms throughout the countryside are miles and miles apart. There are some homes, a church, some stables, small shops, and so on. And finally, let’s imagine that there are no salespeople, and no one providing any salesman training.

In this imaginative rural town of times past, there is a cobbler who makes good shoes and leather goods. And in exchange, he receives money for his hard work. He has all the shoes he would ever need, but what about food? What about clothing? How would this person get fruit, meat, milk, and vegetables to eat? How would he get animal hides and other materials with which to make his shoes? He would have to head out to the countryside and go from farm to farm and to the blacksmith and other places to get his needed items. That could take days of travel. Even so, let’s say that he had enough time to do that. What about all the other people’s needs and sustenance?

Lucky for the cobbler: the farmers, the blacksmith, and anyone else far removed from the center of town understood that their goods needed to be made available. And they all came to the town square regularly to set up shop—all sales actions.

Now, let’s say that the cobbler and the others did meet in the town center to display their goods, but they were just too timid to talk to prospects that came to look at their wares. Let’s pretend that they didn’t answer any questions posed to them, they didn’t say what their prices were, and they were highly reluctant to have anyone touch their goods. What would happen? Not as much as they could have sold, that is for sure. There would be far less sales as undoubtedly some people would eat less and more people would learn to make do with their existing older shoes, clothing, leather goods, and so on. Fewer people would have the shoes, clothes, and other items they really could use and afford. And all because of no sales.

Those prospective customers would not have improved their lives if it were not for people bringing their wares, displaying them, and selling them. Let’s bring that to modern times now.

Can you imagine there being no new (or used) car showrooms? How would you obtain your new Mercedes-Benz? Fly to Germany? Some people do fly to Germany to pick up their new cars, but does everyone have to do so? No—because of the salesperson.

We can see, then, that sales are not just important; rather, they are the most vital part of society. They are the warp and woof, the fabric that makes us what we are, with the quality that we have today. Get more salesman training.

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