Cum Laude Graduate with Honors

by Nicole
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

I am a Cum Laude Graduate with Honors and I cant even work at McDonalds.

I am frustrated with the economy because I recently graduated cum laude for a prestigious North Carolina University, and I can not even work at McDonalds.

Apparently my generation has it backwards, which will doom us further in the future. Many of us were told by our parents to get good grades in college and to keep a small part-time job for spending money on the side. What has happened is that graduates do not have real work experience (as graduation requirements already make it difficult to graduate on time, much less have time for a real job). This has left all of in the hole; many of us moving back in with our parents.

It is unfair to the future of America, but we will continue to fall deeper in this hole if we do not start creating jobs. I just hope that things will start to look up so that the economy can slowly turn around; bailouts, incentives, whatever works is OK with me.

I think it will take awhile for the economy to turn around however, as we need to create jobs, quit wasting money, and slowly start to contribute to our huge debts to other countries. It will take everyone to participate.

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Jul 04, 2009
Economy: Pick Up You Bootstraps
by: T.D.

If there's one thing that this economy is teaching us (for those paying attention) is that we have to pick up our own bootstraps.

There should be no reason you cannot work at McDonalds or any fast-food restaurant provided they have jobs available in your area.

It also depends on what your major was, and did you get a Bachelors of Arts or your Masters degree. - If you studied business, then you should be able to get a job most places in sales, marketing, advertising, etc. There are 10's of 1000's of opportunities for that...

I think if you can find a need, and work out a way to fill it, that you can make it. This may be a signal to you to start your own business!

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