Economy: False Hope . . . or False Fears ?

by Robert Borsh
(Bridgewater, VT, USA)

Even though I am currently unemployed and have been since March, I think the overall state of the economy is good. I am writing this from a beach house located in Carova, north of Corolla, NC. My family made and paid for these arrangements last November.

Talking with the locals and seeing the number of people here on vacation, I believe that the overall economy is strong enough to survive. Spending has not been curtailed. I see this at home in Vermont as well as here in the resort area. The resort managers say occupancy is down 5% over last year. I do not believe that is enough to call this a down turn for the area.

My advice for the masses is never give up. Go on with your lives. Change your life style to fit your needs, but do not give up all that you enjoy! It is those good things that keep you going.

I am struggling in my search for future employment. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I spent fifteen years with the company that let me (and others) go in March. However, I am confident that I will find employment before the end of 2009.

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Jul 04, 2009
Our Economy is Not Hopeless
by: T.D.

I like your point of view. It's true. The economy is not "the pits" everywhere in the country. Though, it sure has curtailed income and spending overall.

There is a tightening of the belts nearly everywhere, from what we see and read in the news.

If everyone keeps their composure, and confidence, such as you, then we can all turn this country around quickly...

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