Economy: Only we can Solve our Problems

by Cangel
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

We are the only ones who can help the economy.

Instead of relying on the government to dig us out of the economic problems of today we need to look for ways to manage our life so that we can get out of, or stay out of debt.

A number of states are in financial dilemmas. A number of big companies claim they will go under.
They all want someone else to support them. This is the problem. We need to support ourselves. And we need to expect government and industries to support themselves.

Instead of cutting budgets on education or public safety, states should be cutting their salaries and perks. Since they are apparently acting in an incompetent way, maybe they should fire themselves. Companies should do the same.

I see that we can get out of this economic problem by rethinking spending habits, money management, and priorities in our lives. We need to spend only what we make.

This means cutting up the credit cards if we cannot pay the bill on time. It means to manage our money so that we can take care of our own needs and put something away for the future. It means to readjust what we consider as needs versus wants.

Hopefully, if we, the people, each do this, it will have a ripple effect and will also send a message to those who are misrepresenting us that we can manage our own affairs and they should leave us alone, and maybe get a real job where they have to actually work for a living so they will understand what it means to EARN a living instead of living off of us.

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Jul 04, 2009
The Economy is in Our Own Hands
by: Anonymous

You are so right. - The problem is ours to handle.

We need to take responsibility and do our part to straighten things out. We cannot leave it to other people or the government.

Credit cards and loans are part of the evil here. How can anyone pay off cards with high interest?

We have been fooled for awhile. Now is the time to take charge and act...

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