Economy: Turbulent but Vibrant...

by Richard
(Huntsville, AL)

...and Full of Advice for All

As tough as things might seem right now, they've been tougher before. They were bad in the Great Depression, in the Depression of the 1890's, during the Black Plague, after Gheghis Kahn nearly destroyed the Arab civilization, and before writing was invented.

Even most of us without jobs still have clothes, a roof over our heads, indoor plumbing, three meals a day. If you take a long term perspective, the current economy is just a bump.

If the economy were talking to you, what would it be saying? What messages are in the turbulence? Things like: "CDSs and ABSs are stupid. Stop using them." "You should have been saving money rather than racking up bills. Time to start saving." "The best things in life ARE free." "You've got to be kidding me, real estate never goes down and just goes up forever? Yeah, right." "You can't afford two wars halfway around the world. Stop that." "You've already got too many banks. Let's trim the rosters a little." "Some people can't handle credit. Stop tempting them!"

So maybe the economy is like your Mom, and you just violated curfew to buy cigarettes but got beaten up by some toughs. You're bloody, grounded, but you're home, and maybe it's time to think about whether some of those rules weren't so bad after all.

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Jul 04, 2009
Our Economy is a Lesson in Experience
by: T.D.

You got some good points there...

Historically, there have been many periods that have been worse than what is going on now.

However, we are all accustomed to a certain way of life and that has been impacted by economy issues. So it inconvenient, but not devastating.

We should learn this lesson and be thankful it was just a bump in the road. We are all alive. Most of us are eating OK, etc.

We need to learn from this, while helping those that really need it, and not just those trying to mooch off the system...

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