Financial Future of America

by Laura

The financial future of America is getting better for some and not for others. It seems that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.

It seems like the harder a person works the more in the hole they get.

If the government would just put their own employees on the same retirement, social security, and medical programs as the little guy then you bet things would get better for all since those making the decisions in government would darn well make sure things were more fair and work better for all. I mean stop wasting our money.

If the average or poor citizen retires on $1,000 a month or less with no medical benefits then let the government workers try and live on that. I bet the cost of things would go down too and the country would begin using our own natural resources as well as stop worrying about forgiving debts other countries owe us or even stop worrying about taking care of those in other countries; things would be better for all. If we take care of our own first then we would be in better shape to help others.

Just the view of a little guy.

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Jul 04, 2009
Economy and Our Government Double Standards
by: T.D.

Boy, you sure did hit the nail on the head on this post.

Why should government employees try to follow the same rules they set for us? Do we think they are idiots? I am appalled that anyone could think so. They would rather have the "golden parachutes" for their retirement because they can vote it in!

Give us scraps and take the full meal themselves, with deserts.

This seems to be true everywhere. Even the communists and socialists do this. Everyone equal? Sure, why not, as long as it is not the leaders!

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