Is it Safe to Think of the Word Retirement?

by Victoria
(San Francisco)

As I am now in my mid-fifties, I am prone to contemplate the future state of retirement. Over this past year, though, I realize the future state of retirement may be really way out there in the future.

When my social security statements come and I review my earnings over the past three decades I cannot help but notice there are no substantial increases - there is no upward curve of earnings.

My estimated social security earnings would not keep a white mouse alive for a month....let alone allow me to indulge in cans of fancy feast cat food. It's an alarming position.

I own a home and realize it really is my only asset, yet in this economy it has lost value and I still need a place to live. It's quite a quandary.

What will the younger generations do with all of us? My only hope is that one of my children will own a big house and maybe I will get to live in the basement. They've promised me this will happen. So, if and when I get to retire, I could be living in a basement but at least it will be with loved ones.

So, I will safeguard my health (health insurance - there's another topic!) and work as long as I can....then it's into the basement I go.

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