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Ordinary Annuity

There are two ways

to receive your annuity payments.

One way is through an ordinary annuity. This means that you will receive your payment at the end of each period. The period can be monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

Why is it called ordinary?

To be simple about it: When you put some money into your bank in return for interest, when does the interest record? At the end of the period, right?

And that is ordinary, right?

If your annuities agreement specifies that you will be paid every quarter, then your payments will come at the end of each quarter.

(The opposite is the annuity due: That payment is due at the beginning of each period.)

Which Method Is Best For You?

Your payment amount will be different depending on which method you choose...

Our annuities and retirement financial advisor can help. She will be glad to show you the options and provide you with some examples and quotes.

Start planning your

retirement nest egg today...

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