Our Economy: We Have to Take More Responsibility

by zack
(Los Angeles, CA)

I think that there is no economy that can stay stable forever. There are bound to be periods of instability and there is an economic cycle that gets repeated. Although it's true but that doesn't mean that we can take it for granted that the economy will rejuvenate all by itself. The reason why we find ourselves in this situation today is not the bad economic policies but the lack of awareness of it.

We spend much more than we save and there is no planning in how to run a household. We are the strongest nation in the world today and that means as someone adequately put it - with great powers come great responsibility.

Many other countries rely on us for strengthening their economy which means if we go through a bad economic period then half of the world goes through a bad period too. So hopefully we will be able to revive our economy very soon.

I have complete faith in the new Obama government and in his vision of the new America. But we will all have to make an effort to realize his vision, do whatever possible to avoid running into this kind of a mess in the future.

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Jun 22, 2009
Our Economy: Four Years is not Enough
by: Tony

History has shown us that four years is not enough time for a President of the U.S. to fully turn this country around. He can get to a good start, and then wind up having someone else get elected afterward, who then drives this country in another direction,

No, four years is not enough.

Currently, the U.S. is not going in the direction that it needs to be. As an example, this year the U.S. had over a quarter of a million layoffs. The national unemployment rate was 8.9% this April.

We all need to do our part, put our shoulder to the wheel, and increase this country's output. That would be a big help to the world.

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