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Recover Annuity Losses 

Recover Annuity Losses.

Help is available if you wish to recover annuity losses.

You can receive cash now for your variable annuity equal to its full current value plus up to 50% - 100% of any losses you experienced since purchase.  You pay no surrender charge.  Only Variable annuities.  Not all carriers and products.

Example 1:
You purchased an annuity for $300,000.00.
It is now worth $200,000.00.
Under our program you receive $250,000 for your annuity – the current account value ($200,000.00) plus 50% of the losses your annuity account value experienced ($50,000.00). 

Example 2:
You purchased an annuity for $300,000.00.
The account value initially increased significantly, but then fell in value and now is worth $200,000.00.
You elected certain guarantee riders.
Under our program you receive $300,000.00 – the full amount of your original investment.

For immediate assistance go here: sell my annuity now. A professional annuities advisor will contact you quickly.

You'll be glad you did the right thing.

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