The Economy: Our Own Fault

by Mike Bauer
(Gladstone, MO)

Since when is it good business practice to force people not to do business with you? I am talking about the state of our economy.

We all know what caused the panic of an economic downturn: It was the administrative pattern of lying about the state of everything. Then businesses started laying off people in anticipation of a downturn in business. You know what happens when businesses lay off people?

Poorer service in all areas which force people to go somewhere else to spend their money. Which causes less business, which resorts in more layoffs, and thus the cycle of the downturn begins and the prediction of the so called experts comes true.

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Jun 22, 2009
The Economy: Our Own Fault
by: Tony

The housing marketing crash in 2006-2007 actually started the whole downturn.

The action of building less homes started a domino trend. Peripheral businesses (utilities, carpets, appliances, etc.) began slowing down and created layoffs. Eventually, there were few businesses that were not hurt by this domino trend. And gas prices raised (as they are again now) which hurt even more.

It is our fault.

And you are completely right about not laying off people. If we produce more, then businesses can grow. That has to be done to pull out of this mess.

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