US Economy: The Impending Disaster

by Corey Johnson
(Clearwater, Florida)

The other day I asked my sister in Portland about the "economy". She was extremely uncertain about everything and with her husband's company laying off people, was afraid they would have to find work.

My advice to her was that these economic cycles are like the tide going in and out. The "disaster" part is exaggerated. This is always the way it is with news outlets who sell their products of nightly news and papers by scaring everyone.

Many younger people have not ever lived through a deep recession. I told her to get busy working. Don't listen to the news. Take lots of walks and have a plan to expand.

I see people in stores buying things. I see people with brand new cars, new clothes, new computers. There may be less people buying but there is business happening.

You have to be tough and you have to figure out ways to produce and this will strengthen your ability to overcome hard economic times. This isn't the first and it won't be the last but in between, there is also great prosperity.

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Mar 16, 2009
US Economy: Produce in Uncertain Times
by: Anonymous

You know, you are so right about this economy from the personal point of view.

Yes, the housing market started the crash and that took down peripheral industries. That then took down Wall Street. That then took down the world markets, and that then took down multiple world governments (not fully down, but depressed).

It seems like "doom and gloom," but when you look around, you see businesses doing well and thriving. Maybe they are a little depressed, but they are still there and working away.

While we cannot easily change the face of the world economy, we can change the face of our own lives and those around us.

I like what you said about "producing." That works. It may be tough to produce more than before, but that is what we need to do. If you don't have something to produce, then find something you can. If you can produce a good "anything" then someone will buy it! :)

Simple advice. But it can change the world if everyone followed it.

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