What's Exchange Have to Do With It?

by Tony Durso

What's Exchange Have to Do With It?

What's Exchange Have to Do With It?

Exchange is the act of giving one thing in return for something else. We do this all day long. We buy something at the store and give money for goods. We give money for gas, clothes, food--you get the point. (The world needs sales to survive.)

Exchange is vital in any society. He who takes but does not give something in return does not do as well in life as one may think. (We know that as rip offs.) For both people to be happy, the exchange has to be agreed upon. It does not matter as much as to what the actual value is, as it matters that it is done, and that it is agreed upon. (They have ways of making you buy.)

If you give someone $100 for a bottle of water, that would be considered a rip off. If Bill Gates did it, with the intention to give a tip, that would be considered generous. Thus it does not depend so much as to the value of each item exchanged, as it matters that it is agreed upon and has the expected or anticipated value as stated. (The giver does not agree where there are rip offs.)

This works dramatically in life and business. For a business to survive successfully, the business must give out something that is considered valuable by the customers. If not, then the business starts failing.

I knew a business, which pretended their product was valuable and took good money for it. Eventually the public caught on as to the rip offs and that business just dwindled down to nothing. (They thought it was a fast "howto make money.")

While movies can make it seem glamorous at times, it is not exciting at all, regardless if one is the taker or worse, the giver.

If your life, your job, your business seems to be doing poorly; if things are going rough in your life or job, take a look at this principle. Are you giving something valuable in return for what you are getting? Or are you merely saying it is valuable when it isn't?

How about going the Extra Mile and giving More than what you get? How about making the other person smile, feel good, and be glad to get something valuable in return?

That matters more than you think. - Do you have a favorite cashier at your local grocery store? Is there someone that always makes you smile? Do you gravitate toward that person, and shy away from the person who always complains, crumbles and perhaps makes you feel uncomfortable?

So yes, there are other factors to exchange, and not just giving some bucks for something. There is personality, friendliness, helpfulness, etc. You get the point now.

Try that if your life seems to be rough. Give more than you receive. Make the other person appreciate and enjoy what he or she is getting. Go the Extra Mile. You?ll find that your life starts turning around. And Money Follows Those that Give Out. Money stays away from those that hold onto things and won?t give out. Try it. (Get passion to live goodlife.)

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